Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

I am working on teaching myself how to use the layout HTML so I can maybe start making blogger layouts. I love the layouts that Freyja Silver does and I hope she doesn't mind but I've swiped a couple of her layouts' HTML so I can study it and learn what each part does etc. Next I'll be keeping an original version of the HTML and an editable version so I can work with it myself and see what changes I can make. About the only way I learn is by doing things like this. I don't think I could ever learn this out of a book because there's way too much to over think in the books lol. If I can go in and change this that and another to see what it changes and how it works that is what really helps me learn it lol. So there are new things coming hopefully lol. I think I'm doing well with my headers, the first one was good for my first one ever, but as I look back at it, I realized it could have been a little different. So today before work I'll be working on new layouts just to test out. So cross your fingers, I'm hoping I'm successful!

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